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How I number closed on Aussie CraigsList

What does one do when he is at home all day, sick and bored? No, not watch porn and masturbate! Try, perusing the dating advertisements on Australian Craigslist and attempting to pick-up women.

About a month ago I was in this scenario. Normally, I wouldn’t have the time for such things, however, being in a sickly state put me in no condition to attract women face to face. With some enthusiasm and a strategy in mind I set to work.

I went through the listings and picked out ten postings which intrigued me. All ten either had pictures of very attractive females or were written in a way to grab my attention. Of course, there was some screening involved as I only wrote to women who seemed to be my type (fun, witty, adventuresome, and attractive).

My strategy for the first contact was to use a very simple template I devised. First, I use material from their initial postings to give them a nickname and begin the email with: Dear [nickname]. Second, I write the body of the email based on a Snapple fun fact from the Snapple website, but I do it in a cocky/funny way. Third, I sign off with a nickname that I give myself, which is based on the ridiculous picture I attach. Finally, I attach a picture of something that is really off the wall (not a picture of myself). In this instance it is a picture of a zombie I got off the web.

Here is an example of one of my initial emails:

Dear Fairy Girl,Did you know that

the average woman consumes 6lbs of lipstick in her lifetime? Yea, it’s true….well, according to my snapple cap it is. Congratulations, you are now enlightened.Yours Truly,

Zombie Boy

The above example was written to a women who had posted one of the most attractive pictures I have ever seen on Craigslist. She was dressed in a very skimpy fairy outfit! As you can imagine this one was a long shot because women who post pictures of themselves often receive a ridiculous amount of responses. In this case, the woman received over 400 emails!!! But wait. How do I know this? Because she actually responded to me. Here was her response:

Out of 400 emails yours has been my favorite! Take care zombie boy

Now, the whole point to this simple first email is not to attract them but just to get their attention. My strategy was to intrigue them enough to respond and then I could start laying on the attraction material.

Out of the initial ten emails, six of them responded back to me. A 60% response rate isn’t bad, especially from women who are receiving hundreds of emails. Out of these six emails, I was able to keep corresponding with four of them. Out of these final four, I put three on the cut list. Yes, you read that right, I dismissed them because their writing indicated to me that they were either nut cases or too immature. The final remaining woman ended up giving me her phone number.

The key to the follow up emails was to create some rapport and make her qualify herself. This was done by telling her to give me three reasons why I should get to know her better. I would then go on to say that if I liked her reasons I would send her a real picture of me (the reward). In this way, I was turning the tables on them. Making them pursue me and not the other way around. Here is an example from one of my “challenge” emails and the girl’s response to it:

Hmmm, your probably interested in seeing a real picture of me, so I’ll tell you what, tell me three good reasons why I should get to know you better and if you get the correct answers then you get my non-zombified picture…two if they’re really good. I have to get back to bed now before I end up joining the ranks of the undead.

Good night Zombie Girl,

Zombie Boy

——————– (her response)

Ok so reasons why you should get to know me better… How about this ill give you 5! :

  1. Not only do i love zombies i probably have almost every horror movie worth owning.. I have over 300dvds.
  2. I’m cute
  3. How many people do you know that have met George Romero?
  4. I opened your eyes to the world of undead-pinups
  5. I know what to do incase of a zombie outbreak

So there…

By this point she was hooked and I probably could have pursued her off-line but her later emails revealed that she was a nut case.

I think that one of the main components to this whole online dating thing is to give both you and her a nickname. Something that will stick in their memory. What name is easier to remember, John or Zombie Boy? As people in the pick-up community always say, be the exception to the rule, set yourself apart from the crowd.

And in conclusion, here is a section of the email that I #closed from:

It’s getting late but I wouldn’t mind if you made use of your latest black book
entry this evening, supposing that you check your email tonight. Just ask
for PBR Girl.

Truly humbled but not for long,
PBR Girl

I’ll let you guys know how it turns out in a future post.

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